Sonic Sculptures is a progressive program, sculpting sound through interactive workshops, composers forums, lecture recitals, masterclasses, and performance projects. It demystifies contemporary music, as it challenges performance conventions, supports emerging composers, and brings these sounds to a wider audience. 


For composers of new music, the flute offers an infinite landscape of sound through the use of extended techniques. Writing music with these techniques requires composers to learn a new language of sound and notation. This can be done in either a class setting or in private workshops.


Contemporary music typically uses fundamental musical concepts  in unfamiliar ways. In order to understand and appreciate the music, one must take a new approach in listening and learning rhythm, melody, and harmony. Sonic Sculptures workshops provide the opportunity to develop these new skills.


Snap, Flutter, and Pop™ Performer

An in-depth workshop that explores the basics of extended techniques and their benefits to everyday flute playing for flutists of all levels. Topics include the production of extended techniques; practice suggestions; the decoding of contemporary notation; level-appropriate repertoire suggestions; a general overview of the styles of contemporary flute repertoire, which includes multimedia and electronics; and performance practices. Extended techniques are demonstrated in the context of repertoire examples.  Bring flutes of any size and an adventurous spirit! Class is tailored to each group's age-level and experience. (1 - 3 hours)


Snap, Flutter, and Pop™ Pedagogy

Designed for flute teachers and focused on how to incorporate extended techniques and contemporary music into students' lesson materials. (2 - 3 hours)


Flute Masterclass

Focused on flute repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries. Selections are from the contemporary flute repertoire. A graded repertoire list is available upon request to help select pieces. (1 - 3 hours)


Stockhausen: Music and Movement

Mystery and fanaticism surround Karlheinz Stockhausen’s legacy as a composer and innovator in modern music, but within his music exist sublime beauty and complete genius. Through performances and discussion of major flute works, we discover key elements to performing Stockhausen’s music, including the use of movement and its relation to the musical form. Also available as a lecture recital with detailed analysis. (2 - 3 hours)


Composers Forum: Composing for the Extended Flute

Thorough discussion of all extended techniques with demonstrations. Explanations of how techniques are produced allow composers to utilize extended techniques more easily. Presentation includes excerpts from repertoire in all major 20th and 21st century compositional styles and opportunities for extensive question and answer sessions. (1 - 3 hours)

What's been said...


"Fabulous!  The ability to clearly explain this music to those unfamiliar with the various techniques is remarkable. The extensive bibliography, including a list of performers, composers, and a suggested repertoire list will be a bible to teachers and students.  This was an extremely successful workshop that wiped away the mystery of extended techniques and contemporary music by removing fear and showing us a way to read the music and interpret the composer’s wishes."            -Florence Nelson, President, Chicago Flute Club



"I attended your workshop at "Flute Day" at IVCC a few weeks ago with a group of my students.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't a huge fan of extended techniques until I attended your class!  You have SO inspired myself and my students.  Not a day goes by that I don't hear at least a couple of them doing tongue pizzicatos in the studio. Thank you for inspiring all of us!"            

-Cindi Isenhower, teacher


Concert Programs


An imaginative recital which explores the intricate and aged relationship between breath, voice, movement, and language. Each work is rooted in a specific text, which is then used musically through song, spoken word, or as a vehicle for deriving other expressive sounds. This music incorporates vocal text(ure)s, electronics, and choreography in surprisingly new ways. (Evanoff, Gifford, Castillo Trigueros, Stockhausen, Saariaho, Takemitsu) **


New Music Demystified

What is "new music"? Explore the progressive use of harmony, range, extended techniques, and blending of genres such as jazz! (Debussy, Varèse, Stockhausen, Saariaho, Hosokawa, Holliger, Noguera Palau, Sciarrino) **


Musique Fatale

This program showcases the exemplary presence of women composers in the music of the 20th and 21st century, featuring works by women from all regions of the world.  (Saariaho, Ran, Triana, LeBaron, Hoover, Noguera Palau, Izarra) **


On the Wild Side

In addition to the beautiful, tranquil side of the flute, composers have also tapped into the flute as a powerful expressive force capable of both serenity and explosive ferocity. Enjoy this exciting, breathtaking line-up of works by some of the most fiery 20th and 21st century composers. (Colgrass, Murail, Takemitsu, Scelsi, Yun, Donatoni, Ferneyhough, Huber)**



 **All Programs subject to change.